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Founded in 2001,Brazilian heavy metal band Vandroya started as a band of young musicians passionate about heavy metal. Initially focused on the covers versions of the bands which inspired the musical evolution of its members, the increasing involvement with the metal scene in Brazil led them to record their first demo.

WITHIN SHADOWS EP was released in 2005, with the tracks Why Should We Say Goodbye and Whitin Shadows. This EP projected the band on the regional scene, conquering respect and admiration of criticism of a growing audience throughout Brazil, which credited the project for participation in festivals and major events in the state.

Without labeling, Vandroya’s sonority gathers several influences taken from these phases lived for over ten years down the road. From Classic Rock to Traditional Progressive, their experiences during these phases are the maestro of the arrangements and inspiration during the creative process.

During the years 2008 and 2009 the band engaged in the process of composing his first full length album and the recordings starting in late 2010.


With singer Leandro Caçoilo (former Eterna, current Soulspell and Seventh Seal) as a special guest, production by Marco Lambert, mixing and mastering by Heros Trench (Korzus guitar player and winner of a Latin Grammy forengineered/mixer in 2009) and cover art and booklet designed by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth), ONE is an auditive translation of 10 years of struggle and passion for heavy metal. It is the meeting of energizing guitar riffs with the beautiful and explosive female voice of DaísaMunhoz. It is the summary of the transformations brought by time, making all becomes ONE.


In April 2013, the band released its first music video. Outcome of 20 hours of recording, the work brings the audience the audiovisual version of the ballad  “Why Should We Say Goodbye”. The production was directed by Paulo Verdu Junior, from MundoCão Filmes, and was recorded in three different locations in the cities of Santo André and São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo state.




The quality and professionalism of Vandroya’s original work aroused the attention of the staff of one of the most important rock festivals in the world. In October 2013, Vandroya was one of 10 nominees for the final challenge of Monsters of Rock. This selective had about 1200 bands from all over the country.