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Starting 2016 celebrating 15 years, Vandroya gives the fans a digital EP, available for free download on the band’s official website. Heavenly Oblivion brings the tracks  No Oblivion for Eternity in its acoustic version, and Heaven, a vandroyan tribute to the Canadian singer and composer Bryan Adams. The work is made available to the public along with the increasing expectations about the release of Vandroya’s second album.

With arrangements by Marco Lambert and lyrics by Daísa Munhoz, the acoustic track was originally released in December 2013 as a New Year gift to the fans. It is also a way to say “thank you” for the exceptional reception of Vandroya’s debut One, which was a highlight in the specialized media in Brazil and abroad that year. Released as a video clip, the music brings an intimate atmosphere, highlighting guitar arrangements with strong Hispanic influence, and appreciating the beauty Daisa’s voice, freed from the heaviness of the Progressive Metal band’s sonority.


With Heaven, the band revisits the 80’s feel and sound of Adams. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Lambert in Dr. Sound Studio in Bariri, São Paulo, this track highlights the interplay of Lambert and Rodolfo Pagotto’s guitars, the heavy grooves of Giovanni Perlati (bass) and Otávio Nuñez (drums), and Munhoz’s beautiful voicework.

Heavenly Oblivionwill be available for a limited time in a pack including tracks, cover art and back, and an exclusive wallpaper. Click HERE for free download.

Second album

Still untitled and with a bit o mystery surrounding it, Vandroya’s second album will have its recording sessional finished in February. The guitarist, composer and producer Marco Lambert sign production.
The release of the album will be part of the celebrations of the 15 years of the band.


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