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Korzus´s Guitarist finalizes album of Vandroya band

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Vandroya band enters the final stretch of the production of their debut album. After finishing the recordings in the studio HiTech Genesis Music Records, the band realize mixing and mastering with the direction of guitarist Heros Trench, Korzus´s Guitarist.

The producer, editor and finisher in the curriculum has won a Latin Grammy in 2009 for the mixing, production and mastering of the album ‘After the War’ from Oficina G3. Heros also participated in the latest edition of Rock in Rio, where he played with the Korzus´s Guitarist.

Without having the disc name and release date announced, production should be made public in the second half of 2012. Vandroya band reported on its website the new logo of from , moreover, was also released the band’s official channel on Youtube.

The band’s lineup is Daísa Munhoz (vocals), Marco Lambert (guitar), Rodolfo Pagotto (guitar), Giovanni Perlati (bass) and Otávio Nuñez (drums). Vandroya band released his first original work in 2005 with the EP entitled Whitin Shadows, independent production.


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