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Vandroya releases cover and track list for the new album

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ImagemVandroya offers this week cover and track names from their new album and new layout features in social media.

Titled ONE, the band’s first album had the production of guitarist Marco Lambert and was mixed and mastered by Heros Trench (Korzus). The disc art was made by the Colombian artist Felipe Machado Franco, known for having worked with bands like Blind Guardian and Iced Earth. “We are excited about the results we have achieved with this record. The compositions are concise tracks speak to each other, and the sound is a real ass “comments DAISA Munhoz, vocalist of the band, featured in 2010 and 2011 among the best of the year on account of his participation in The Labyrinth of Truths disk, the Soulspell Metal Opera.

And speaking of Soulpell (Act III scheduled for release in October, where DAISA continues in the role of Princess Judith), the track Change The Tide is the result of a partnership between the two bands. With music by Daniel Manso (former guitarist of Vandroya) and lyrics by Heleno Vale (Soulspell), the band will come in two discs. “The recording is the same (execution Vandroya), but it is amazing how different they are. In the version of Soulspell do duet with Michael Vescera and the Vandroya with my brother Leandro Caçoilo “reveals DAISA.


The ONE launch is planned for January 2013, the Brazilian Voice Music label and will be distributed throughout Latin America.

As for a possible international release, makes DAISA mystery delivery but there negotiations with foreign record companies. “The focus now is Brazil, but it is very possible that we can release the album worldwide.”

In banda myspace you can hear two tracks from the album in demo versions.

1. All Becomes One
2. The Last Free Land
3. In Oblivion is Etermity
4. Within Shadows
5. Anthem (For the Sun)
6. Why Should We Say Goodbye
7. Change the Tide
8. When Heaven Decides to Call
9. This World of Yours
10. Solar Night

Daísa Munhoz (singer)
Marco Lambert (guitar)
Rodolfo Pagotto (guitarist)
Otávio Nuñez (drummer)
Giovanni Perlati (bassist)


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